Welcome to Aintree Group!

We’re really excited to welcome you on board and start working with you! 

Getting you set up:

To make your transition as seamless as possible, we have put together a New Client Checklist to ensure we get all the information we need to get you officially on board as quickly as possible. 

Please download the following documents to get started:

  • New Client Checklist – Refer to this first, it will help guide you through the whole onboarding process – Download it here.
  • New Client Details Form – This contains information that is crucial to us moving forward with our on boarding process. Please complete this form and send them back to us as soon as possible – Complete online here.

Please finish your New Client Checklist as soon as possible so we can finalise the new client process and move on to fulfilling work for you. 

To thank you for coming on board and your cooperation in getting this information to us, we give away two movie tickets if you complete and return your New Client Checklist within seven days of receiving it. 

At Aintree Group, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated, long-term support system that you can trust. We’re looking forward to building that relationship with you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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