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The purpose our team bios is to showcase the different specialities, interests and passions within our team. If you only have one or two sentences in your bio it ends up looking the same as everyone else's. So we encourage everyone to update them with more information!

If you're struggling to put it together in a cohesive format, feel free to send your updates as dot points and the marketing team can put it into full sentences for you. 

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E.g. Qualifications and certifications, years of experience in the industry, area of specialty within your role, something you enjoy doing for clients, a professional goal you're working towards, interesting or relevant previous work experience, a particular client type or industry that you have special knowledge about.
E.g. What you enjoy doing in your spare time, something that brings you joy, a personal goal that you're working towards, an interesting fact about you, a favourite hobby or pass-time or favourite place to travel, a sports team you play for or support.
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