Do you ever step back in your adult life (usually while knee deep in jargon-filled paperwork or while facing an overwhelming decision you don’t fully understand) and think – why didn’t they teach me these things at school?

What boring, but necessary, adult responsibilities would have been made much easier with a basic understanding of how everything worked?

We thought it was about time there was a “guidebook” of sorts for adult life after high school. Which told you all the things they don’t teach you at school, including how to save money, how to buy a house, how to claim tax deductions or how to start your own business.

We hope this guide provides some extra knowledge and confidence to get out there and tackle the big life moments that you perhaps weren’t so sure of before. 

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This guide is a work in progress, and we’ll be continuously adding to it. We’d love to hear what other topics you’d like to see on this list! Get in touch with our Marketing Manager, Chelsea, at to submit your suggestions.