Superannuation Services

Superannuation is all about setting you and your family up for long-term. And at Aintree Group, we want to make sure you can sleep well at night knowing your financial future is secure.

We have extensive experience with Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) and Trusts at Aintree Group.

Our Superannuation Services are overseen by our Superannuation Administrator Anne Burridge. Anne is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in SMSFs.

Here are some of the ways Aintree Group can help you with your future…

Establishing a New Superannuation Fund

We will take care of:

  • Trust Deed; and
  • Tax File Number and Australian Business Number Application; and
  • Minutes, Membership Application forms and Member Advice Notices; and
  • Notification of Beneficiaries Form; and
  • Trustee Declaration and Consent to Act Forms; and
  • GST registration (if applicable).

Ongoing Administration Support

We’ll look after:

  • Establishing and maintaining member records, accounting records, and trustee minutes; and
  • Monitoring compliance with investment strategy; and
  • Preparing annual financial statements and member statements; and
  • Lodgement of annual tax return; and
  • Preparing and lodging business activity statements and instalment activity statements; and
  • Providing advice on compliance with the Trust Deed, and the SIS Act and Regulations; and
  • Organising an independent audit of the Fund and actuarial certificate (if applicable).

Pension Support

We can assist you with:

  • Pension set-up documents; and
  • Member pension request; and
  • Pension acceptance; and
  • PAYG Registration; and
  • Pension minutes; and
  • Pension start calculations; and
  • Annual pension minimum and maximum (where applicable) calculations; and
  • Provision of annual PAYG payment summary.

I am happy to say that I expect Shane and the crew to look after my family interests long, long into the future.

Bill Butcher

We use local Superannuation Auditors, ASF Audits to help us with compliance. Find out more about them here.