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Q&A with S&A Podcast

Q&A with S&A

A realistic, light-hearted and insightful look into the world of business ownership.

Q&A with S&A features the founders of Aintree Group, husband and wife team Shane and Andrea McKenna, in conversations with other business owners and industry experts about everything from the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, exploring different pathways to achieving success, whether retirement is as good as it claims to be, and the elusive idea of work-life balance.

Business owners and high level professionals often feel like they exist in a bit of a vacuum. Q&A with S&A perfectly demonstrates that everyone defines and achieves success differently, and that you’re not alone if you’re struggling to find the right balance in your life.

From finding your feet as an aspiring entrepreneur, to reconciling that retirement might be on the horizon – there’s something Q&A with S&A is there every step of the way.

New episodes released fortnightly.

Plant Grow Reap Podcast

Plant Grow Reap

A podcast brought to you by the amazing advisors at Aintree Group.

Here we’ll provide insight on important issues from experts at the top of their field, and go behind the scenes with Aintree Group team members who will share some of their favourite career moments and office memories.

Plant Grow Reap will also feature guest appearances from industry specialists, and people doing wonderful and exciting things in our community.  

Whether you’re a budding business owner, an established entrepreneur, or just starting out in your career – we invite you to listen along and reap the benefits of Aintree Group’s collective wealth of experience and knowledge. 

New episodes available fortnightly!

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