Our Expectations

At Aintree Group, we see our working relationship with clients as a partnership.

A successful partnership involves collaboration and cooperation, two-way communication, and a mutual respect for each other’s expertise, time and processes.

We have outlined the expectations we hold on both sides when working with our clients below. We seek out clients who understand and embrace these expectations; people who are keen to grow, willing to adapt their approach, and want to actively work with us to achieve their goals.

What we expect from you:

  • That you show respect for our team members and associates, including their time, space, expertise and values.
  • That you communicate with us honestly and openly. Our advice can only be as good as the information you provide to us. Be proactive in bringing specific goals, challenges or concerns to our attention.
  • That you respond to requests within the timeframe given by our team. The quicker you return your information, the quicker we can process your work. This includes returning and signing documents and paying invoices by the deadlines set.
  • That you use the cloud-based systems and tools we suggest. We choose these platforms carefully and specifically to ensure we have access to the data needed to complete your work accurately and in a timely manner.
  • That you understand we attend to each of our clients with the focus and dedication that you all expect and deserve. We have processes in place to ensure a fair distribution of our team’s attention and time, and we cannot always reshuffle those priorities at short notice.

What you can expect from us:

  • That we use a professional and firm but compassionate approach, aligning with our values to be courageous custodians of our community.
  • That we will provide you with qualified, experienced and highly skilled professional advisors who are selected to best suit your specific needs. If we do not have the right person on our team to assist in-house, we will refer you to an external expert and collaborate with them to achieve the best result for you.
  • That all advice provided to you will absolutely be in your best interests, and we will explain why we are making the recommendations or decisions that we do. We have a genuine desire to help you achieve your chosen goals.
  • That we will provide prompt responses to enquiries and requests within the parameters of our resources and office hours.
  • That we will negotiate and advocate on your behalf with third party providers as required, including banks, brokers, the ATO and ASIC.
  • That we use the best data protection and cloud-based security platforms and practices available to ensure the information you entrust to us is safe.
  • That we will provide an inclusive and safe office and meeting space, where you can be comfortable to share your goals and challenges, celebrate your achievements, and feel free to ask questions.

If you have any questions about our expectations and how a partnership with Aintree Group works, please get in touch with us!