Internships and work experience at Aintree Group

Internships and work experience are valuable ways to compliment your studies and get used to the “real world” of accounting, bookkeeping and office life.

At Aintree Group, we love to provide hands-on experience to students who are want to get involved in the industry early to gain valuable knowledge, skills and networking opportunities. 

What we offer:

  • Internships up to 12 weeks for university students who are currently studying.
  • Work experience of up to 6 weeks for current high school students.

All our internships and work experience placements have flexible, casual working hours so you can schedule around your classes, assignments and exams. You’re also not limited to just doing accounting work – you can elect to work with different areas of our team, depending on your interests!

We are a small firm, so we don’t have the facilities to take on many interns at the one time, so please understand that spaces are limited.

If you love a success story, read about our team members Daniel and Joseph, who started out at Aintree Group as interns and have worked their way up to become qualified Chartered Accountants who manage clients!

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