All about our Integrated Professional Services

What does Integrated Professional Services mean?

‘Integrated professional services’ is what we use to describe offering support and advice for all areas of your professional and personal life, all under the one roof.

Aintree Group is comprised of several different business units focused on specific specialty areas: accounting and tax, financial planning, lending and finance, and law.

Each of these business units are overseen by experts at the top of their field, who can all coordinate and collaborate as needed to ensure get you the best outcome possible.

If I engage one business unit of Aintree Group, does that mean I must switch all my professional services across too?

Definitely not! While we do offer services across accounting, legal, finance, and wealth, it is entirely up to you to pick and choose which areas you need our advice in.

If you are looking for a brilliant business accountant, but you’ve got all your legal and financial planning needs taken care of already – we are happy to work with your existing professional advisors to make sure you get the best financial outcomes. The same applies if you’re happy with your tax agent but need advice on retirement planning or updating your Will.

Will my data be shared between different Aintree Group business units?

No, your data will only be shared with other business units when and if you give permission for it to be shared.

There may be instances where we want to seek professional advice from one of our other experts at Aintree Group, in which case we would ask your consent to discuss the matter with an advisor from another business unit.

You will also not be automatically subscribed to receive marketing emails from other business units, although as we are an integrated organisation, there may be instances where other business units are mentioned in each others’ newsletters and email blasts.

You can read our Privacy Policy here.

What are the benefits of integrated professional services?

Integrated Professional Services provides a holistic approach to taking care of your business, super, finances and family. It gives you access to highly experienced experts across all the key areas of professional services, all under the same roof, working collaboratively towards the goals you set in place.

It means you don’t need to run around to multiple providers, and facilitate all communication between them. It allows for real collaboration between advisors to ensure you get the best outcome, and nothing falls through the cracks.

This means all your advisors have access to real-time data about your business, finances and tax position, which allows them to give accurate, specific advice that takes into account other areas of your life, and other goals you may be working towards.

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