The benefits of having your Accountant & Financial Planner under the same roof

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Why do you need a financial planner?

Managing your finances alone can be tough and often, many people aren’t using their money to its full potential.

This is where a financial planner comes in. They can help you make smart decisions about your money in order to get the most out of life. And contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to be wealthy to engage one.

Taking a holistic approach to building your long-term wealth and security, financial planners provide you with a strategy to best support your financial goals, retirement plans and lifestyle.

What we do at Aintree Group Wealth

At Aintree Group, we have an in-house financial planning firm, Aintree Group Wealth.

We offer the following services:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Advice
  • Superannuation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance
  • Succession Planning

Our aim is to educate you on business and financial matters, alongside your accountant, lawyer and mortgage broker so you can become financially savvy.

And, if you need additional funds to help achieve your goals, we also offer commercial and residential lending, finance and broking services through Aintree Group Finance, who operate alongside our Wealth and Financial Planning team.

So, what are the benefits of having your accountant and financial planner under the same roof?

  • Collaboration: If your accountant and financial planner work for the same firm, their collaboration will be more effective and together they can improve your business and personal financial position. For example, changes made to your investment portfolio or the purchase of an investment property can have tax consequences, so your accountant and financial advisor can work together to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

  • We can offer a more holistic, integrated service: By looking at all aspects of your business and personal circumstances together, we can use this to inform how we approach your unique situation from both an accounting and financial planning perspective.

  • Your accountant can give you tax saving strategies, but regulation prevents them from providing personal financial and investment advice. Working directly with a financial planner, who is authorised to provide that advice, means you aren’t missing out on growth opportunities because of red tape!

  • Financial planners can use the financial reports provided by accountants to inform their investment and savings decisions going forward for the client, and make adjustments to suit changes to cash flow and financial goals.

  • All information is in the one place: There will be no back and forth transferring your financial details and records across two different firms and systems. If your accountant and financial planner both work in-house, your information will already be on file for both parties to use. And you don’t need to spend your time coordinating emails and chasing up documents between two unrelated advisors!

  • You get consistent business advice: When your accountant and financial planner are from the same company, they’re working towards one common goal, and can therefore give you holistic and integrated advice based on the company’s overall values and purpose. If you’re using a separate accountant and financial planner, they may not agree on the best way to manage your finances and overall circumstances, making it more difficult for you, stuck in the middle.

  • Create increased value: An accountant can add value to a financial planner’s role, and vice versa. Both parties can bring different things to the table that the other might not have considered such as the impact of poor performing assets and incoming tax liabilities or rebates.

  • Your financial planner will receive timely information: Your financial planner won’t have to wait around to receive information regarding your financial position from an outside party, it’ll be readily available for them. This means you’re always making important and timely decisions on both sides based on the most accurate financial data, and stay ahead of the curve when it counts.

  • The two fields (accounting and financial planning) are linked: Many services that business accountants and financial planners perform are directly related, such as retirement planning, selling your business or purchasing real estate. There are tax and wealth consequences, so if your accountant and financial planner are on the same page and working together on these important life events, the process will run smoother and the outcome will be more beneficial.

  • Incorporating tax planning into your investment strategy allows you to make better informed decisions around your wealth management.

Our mission at Aintree Group is to provide quality support and expert advice in all areas of your life. A key component of executing that mission is having dedicated in-house wealth management and finance teams that you can turn to for specialised advice when you need it.

Additionally, our Aintree Group Wealth & Finance Teams can call on experts from Aintree Group Chartered Accountants, to provide a holistic approach to financial advisory and maximise the outcomes for our clients. 

If you’re looking for flexible financial support or investment advice, get in touch with our wonderful team today.

James has given me advice ranging from superannuation matters to budgeting and managing debt. He always takes the time to explain the issues in detail and in an easily digestible manner.

He understands my psyche, what makes me tick and my relationship with money. I would have no hesitation on recommending James for his expert advice and experience.