How we are handling COVID-19 at Aintree Group

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We’re sure you all agree it’s been a rollercoaster year with the almost daily changing situation we are all facing with the coronavirus, COVID-19.

We are committed to keeping our people safe and healthy so that we can fully support you and your business going forward. 

Aintree Group has been closely monitoring advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Australian Department of Health.

We know that remaining flexible and measured in our approach will serve you and us best in the long run. We have been told by our State and Federal Governments to expect that our lives will be very different for a while, as we all work to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society are impacted as little as possible.

Changes for our team and office:

  • Most of our employees now exclusively working from home. As such, we ask that you keep phone calls to our office to a minimum and instead contact us via email at 
  • Files are being handles electronically with tight security protocols to ensure data protection. Please click here for more information on our cyber security measures.
  • Where team members need to work from the office we have set up so that people are more than 1.5 meters apart from each other, team members are asked to use hand sanitiser upon entry, clean their desks and chairs regularly and we’ve opened up internal doors to limit the need to touch door handles.
  • Most obviously we have instructed our team to stay home if they are unwell and to follow the advice of health professionals and get clearance or stay isolated if they are required to do so.

Changes for our clients:

  • A major change for our clients is that we have ceased all face to face meetings for the foreseeable future, effective immediately.
  • We are able to conduct meetings with you via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype, so please don’t be concerned that our level of personal attention will change, it won’t.
  • If you have an appointment scheduled with us you will receive an email from our team regarding the format of that meeting, and we will provide clear instructions on how to logon to the video call.
  • Our systems and procedures are designed to make remote working and meeting seamless. So, what you see from us will be no different, except it will be online instead of face to face. We understand that there will be exceptions to this, and we need to adjust our policies many times between now and when this current situation eases. We will continue to monitor and change as need be.

Changes to our scheduled events:

We have a number of seminars planned for 2020, and it is our intention that these will all still go ahead, albeit virtually.

You can access a webinar recording for our 2020 Tax Planning Seminar here.

We will be keeping clients in the loop about upcoming events through our mailing list, so subscribe to stay informed. 

Keeping you in the loop:

We are keeping our website updated with all details concerning stimulus packages and other assistance for people who are struggling due to COVID-19. Click here for details.

Make sure that you continue to subscribe to our social media posts, newsletters and emails for frequent updates.

We are here to support you in whatever way we can, so please, be in touch.