From Admin Interns to Chartered Accountants

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From Admin Interns to Chartered Accountants

Joseph Colaciello and Daniel Piciocco have been part of the Aintree Group team for many years, and have worked their way up from interns and administration assistants to qualified Chartered Accountants.

We asked them about their journey up the ranks, and what they think are the benefits of work experience during university.

When did you first start at Aintree Group, and what was your role?

Joseph Colaciello

Joseph: I started out as an Accounting Intern and Admin Assistant in March 2017, while at university studying Commerce (Accounting & Finance).

Daniel Piciocco

Daniel: I started out as an Accounting Intern and Admin Assistant in March 2017, while at university studying Commerce (Accounting & Finance).

How has your role progressed while you’ve worked here?

Joseph: For the first few months I started mostly doing admin work – scanning, checking the mail and sending out mail to clients. Then I moved onto doing some basic accounting work, like simple individual tax returns. I started off working two days per week, then three, and from January 2018 onwards I have been full-time.

Daniel: I went from working as an admin assistant two-three days a week (depending on what I had on at uni) to becoming a full-time accountant in January 2018.

Would you recommend internships as a good way to prepare you for full-time work?

Joseph: Definitely, I think it’s really important to get your foot in the door during your studies, and get a grasp of what its actually like to work in an accounting firm, to see if it’s what you want to do as a career. It’s good to have an understanding of the basics whilst you’re still at uni, and not be thrown in the deep end when you land your first full-time job

 Daniel: Yes definitely, not only does it give you experience to put on your resume, there’s a good chance they will offer you a job at the end of it. An internship undoubtedly makes a big difference, no matter where you work afterwards. Even the little things like professionalism, punctuality and responsibility for real-life deadlines and documents (like tax returns), are things that university does not teach you.

What motivated you to go to the next level and study to become a Chartered Accountant?

Joseph: I think I pretty much saw it as a necessity if I wanted to excel in my career and become as knowledgeable and qualified as possible. I also look up to Shane, Ashley, Graham & Trung and see that they all have their CA. It can open so many doors for your career.

Daniel: My mind-set is to strive for the highest, and try to be the best you can possibly be in the field you are working in. I believe that working in a field or role that allows for large personal and professional growth translates into motivation and more importantly, ambition.

Becoming a Chartered Accountant greatly enhances this and brings forth many opportunities in the accounting world, as well as other areas of business.

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