Five reasons Aintree Group is not like your average accounting firm

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One of the most important advisors you have on your side as a business owner is your accountant.

A good business accountant can be your biggest cheerleader, source of truth and advice, sounding board, accountability partner and problem solver.

All accounting firms are different, from their service offering and pricing structure, to their values and client base, and it may be difficult to decipher which one is best for you and your business.

So, what sets Aintree Group apart from the rest?

1. We go out of our way to educate you on finance and business matters.

At Aintree Group, we believe that you deserve to understand what’s going on with your hard earned money behind the scenes. We ensure that you can understand the “why” behind all our recommendations so that you become more financially savvy and a better business owner overall. 

Of course we take care of all the technical stuff for you, but that doesn’t mean you should be out of the loop – after all, you’re the one dedicating all the time, effort and resources to build your business in the first place.

2. We offer a wide range of fully integrated professional services.

Our additional offerings go beyond the basics of traditional accounting and tax add-ons like bookkeeping and payroll. We also provide comprehensive legal, wealth management, and lending and finance services through our fully integrated business units, ensuring all aspects of your business are handled with care and expertise.

This is because we specialise in dealing with complex corporate structures that require a lot more professional advice than just a simple annual wage and salary tax return – and we want to make sure the best people are on the job!

We take a holistic approach to taking care of your business, super, finances and family. It gives you access to highly experienced experts across all the key areas of professional services, all under the same roof, working collaboratively towards the goals you set in place.

Not to mention the specialists in business development, marketing and C-Suite executive roles from our own internal team who are always happy to help out clients as well!

3. We’re not afraid to give away advice for free.

We are passionate about making sure all business owners have access to the information they need to succeed, which is why you can access so many fantastic free resources on our websites, blog, podcasts, social media and at our regular seminars.

While we’re obviously always limited by the “general advice only” disclaimer for clients that are not our own – we know that widely sharing useful general strategies, important legislative and industry changes, and key calls to action will provide people with valuable knowledge and tools to identify potential problems ahead of time, ask the right questions of their advisors, and point them to credible sources to get further information.

This approach goes hand in hand with our core values; and speaking of our values…

4. We base everything we do on our values.

Our core values state that we are courageous custodians of our community and we live these values every day in the way we service our clients, how we work together as a team, and how we support and engage with our wider community.

Our Core Values - Aintree Group

5. We offer a fixed pricing structure.

We charge our accounting services on annual fixed price service agreements, so you know exactly what you’re getting upfront at the start of each new financial year.

This means that you won’t see anyone watching the clock during your meetings – and you won’t have too either. You can call as often as you like and stay until we’ve answered all your questions – because we’re genuinely invested in your success, and we want you to come to us with problems so we can help solve them! 

We’ll invest our time to come out to visit you onsite at your business, because we want to get a proper feel of how you do things and see your successes and challenges first-hand.

We also don’t take commissions or kickbacks, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that the advice we’re giving is genuinely in your best interest.

Like the sound of what we’re about? Contact our team to talk to one of our experienced advisors today.