Divorce & Relationship Breakdowns: How an accountant can help.

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Divorce is a difficult topic and it’s not really something you actively prepare for in advance. You don’t walk into a marriage expecting it to not work out, in the same way people don’t walk into business partnerships expecting it to fail. It’s overwhelming and there is a lot at stake – financially, but also emotionally. 

It is important to get sound legal advice throughout the marriage breakdown process. It is also critical that you communicate closely with your accountant, especially if there is a business, self-managed super fund or trusts involved.  

A good accountant will be crucial in helping you get your affairs in order, help you protect your assets, and set you up for the long term.  

Lawyers and accountants collaborate closely on divorce matters, so it’s all about having a team you trust working together and making sure you get the right advice. This doesn’t just apply if you are legally married. Long term de facto partners with shared assets also need legal and financial support if their relationship is coming to an end. 

Aintree Group has experience and knowledge from working through these issues with clients over many years. We liaise with lawyers for both parties and other professional advisors involved in the process. We can be an independent set of eyes and ears providing impartial guidance and advice.  

Here is how we can help… 

We’re familiar with the process, and can walk you through it 

Divorce is normally completely unfamiliar territory to those going through it. There’s a lot of jargon and misinformation, and a lot of people telling what you “must” do.  

If you need someone to translate, or just signpost how everything is likely to unfold, then Aintree Group can definitely assist. Our aim is try and make the process as simple and fair as possible and to be a useful resource for you during a complicated and difficult time. 

We might also jog your memory to follow up on things you hadn’t thought of, or encourage you to touch base with other professional service providers that can help you. 

We can help you adapt, personally and professionally 

If you’re with a partner for a long time, everything can be very intertwined and you may have different responsibilities or specialties that you or your partner took care of for the both of you. It’s a big adjustment to suddenly take care of everything yourself. 

We can help you restructure your business, update your Super Fund or Trust deed, contact the ATO, and help with wealth management. Developing new mindsets around budgeting, saving for retirement, and managing debts are things we can give you guidance on. 

If you and your partner owned a business together, we can help create a new succession plan. If your partner took care of the Payroll for your business, or was the CFO, those are both roles you can outsource to us. If you want to leave the business entirely, we have lots of experience helping people sell or move on from a business. 

Changing family dynamics can also make it difficult for you to get the support you might need. Did you know accountants can be an impartial executor for your Will, or a Power of Attorney?

We have lots of connections who can also help you 

Aintree Group works with a wide range of professionals and the breadth of industries we have in our referral network is extensive. 

Don’t have a family lawyer? We know some really good ones. 

Selling your home, or your business? Property and business valuation experts. 

Need to look for your own place? We know real estate agents, buyers advocates, mortgage brokers and architects. 

Help setting up your own investments? We work closely with financial planners. 

Need to review your insurances? We have insurance brokers we can recommend. 

Looking for a new job, or need to fill your Partner’s old role in your business? We know recruiters and HR consultants. 

You don’t need to spend time and energy searching for and researching individual services. You’ve already got enough on your plate. We have plenty of quality people to refer to you. 

Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll find the connections that suits. We’ll take care of the introductions and continue to liaise and advocate for you, to ensure you’re being well looked after. 

We can just listen 

As accountants we’re not just all about numbers. We do care about your family, your business, your retirement plans, and your financial security. We’re emotionally invested in helping you get through all stages of your life, highs and lows included.

We know divorce is stressful, and frustrating, and emotionally draining. We’re an impartial third party who can hear out your thoughts and concerns.  

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel supported, and that you’re getting quality advice from experts that understand your needs. 

If you’re going through a relationship breakdown or divorce at the moment and need some guidance, feel free to  get in touch. Even if you have the accounting side covered, there could be experts in our referral network that can help you out in other areas. 

“After my relationship breakdown and lots of other related trauma Aintree Group helped me sort my money out. They were so efficient and sensitive and got me back on track financially, which was what I needed most at a difficult time.” 


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