HubDoc is a new and exciting feature that makes submitting financial documents to us much (much) easier!

What is HubDoc?

It’s a program that automatically fetches and files key financial documents (like bank statements and invoices), so you don’t have to! It is essentially a streamlined, digital filing cabinet. 

The benefits…

  • It makes your documents easier to find, organise and store.
  • It is officially part of Xero, which means all your data is collated accurately in the one place. 
  • Ensures your privacy, because instead of passing documents through hardcopy or over several email chains, data is directly submitted to a secure, cloud-based location where it can be accessed only by people with the proper authority.
  • The information is accessible anytime from anywhere. So, we can access them from your office, our office and everywhere in between – to ensure we’re getting accurate, up-to-date data when we need it. 

How to get set up…

1. Notify our bookkeeping team that you’d like to start using Hubdoc.

Call: 03 9851 7999

2. Create your login

Once you contact our bookkeeping team and they set up your account, you should receive a separate email from Hubdoc to create your password. If you do not receive that email, or accidentally delete it, please get in touch and let us know. 

3. Download the free HubDoc App 

If you wish to submit financial documents directly from your phone, you will need to download and log in on the app.

4. Uploading financial documents

Here’s a short video help you get started with logging in and submitting documents via email or the Hubdoc app:

Hubdoc currently supports PDF, JPEG, PNG, IMG, plain text and HTML files. It does not have the ability to unzip folders or extract data from Excel files, so please be aware of that when submitting documents.

If you have any further questions about how Hubdoc works feel free to get in touch with our office on 03 9851 7999, or email

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