During Culture Week, the Culture Champions will be organising a Cultural Lunch to celebrate our team’s diversity and different ethnicities.

We would love all team members to bring in a plate of food that represents their culture or ethnicity for the team lunch. This can either be homemade or bought. If you’re making something at home, please be extra careful and hygienic when preparing the food, and please read our Shared Food in Office procedure so you know how to best prepare the food for a larger crowd. 

If you’re bringing a plate of food, please let us know and specify what the dish is on the form below.

We would also love to get a fun fact about your culture to use in a fun activity and video on the day.

We will send out a template for you to fill in with your ingredients so that we know exactly what is in each dish. The CC’s will then print them out on the day. You can find the template here. 

Note: Please DO NOT bring anything with NUTS in it. If there are traces of nuts, please state this on your ingredients list.

Please fill out the form before 8 November and your ingredients list before 10 November. 

All team members are required to fill out this form, even if you cannot bring a dish in.


What: Aintree Group Cultural Lunch

When: Tuesday, 14 November

Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm

Where: Aintree Group conference room

Please fill out this form, even if you are not bringing in a dish – there are some other questions in there.

If you have any questions about the event or form, please message Laura.