COVID-19 Consultations

We are offering the following special consultations for our clients and community members in the wake of coronavirus. 

Business Continuity Plans and Assistance Meetings

Our team at Aintree Group have developed a COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that addresses these seven key areas that affect you:

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Protection of your Assets – including personal assets like your family home.
  3. Banks and Funding
  4. Management Team planning
  5. Your Employees
  6. Customers & Suppliers
  7. Mental Health Support

Our BCP can give you great assistance to keep your business alive and give you and your team framework for the support you need during this COVID-19 crisis.

We offer two options for clients who would like to have Aintree Group create a Business Continuity Plan for their business:

Option 1 – We provide you with a personalised COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ($250 + GST).
Option 1 + 2 – We provide you with a personalised COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP). In addition we will have one, one-hour Assistance Meeting with you to discuss BCP (Total cost $600 + GST). 

Register for a Business Continuity Plan

Click here for more information about Business Continuity Plans and the importance of building business resilience.

Gig-Worker COVID-19 Consultations

Aintree Group is now offering free 30 minute consultations to performers, musicians, artists and other gig-based workers who have lost income due to COVID-19.

As a business we have always been a huge supporter of the arts on school, community and professional levels. So, we would like to be able to give advice and support to those who rely on performance events for income.

Our team at Aintree Group are here to help you, so please get in touch with us if there is any way we can assist.

Click here for government COVID-19 stimulus packages and other state and federal assistance.