Our Business Network

Support yourself in business with our network of trusted advisors!

One of our core commitments at Aintree Group is to be able to help our clients with any and all of their business needs.

But, sometimes our clients’ needs are outside even our extensive expertise, so we’ve developed a network of trusted allies! This strong, active and highly effective network of professionals all share our values of client-focused service.

It’s like a circle of trusted friends all ready to help you and promote your success!

We can refer you to the right specialist and do the liaison work for you as well.  We find it makes a smoother, more seamless process for you which not only saves you time, but gives you peace of mind that your new provider comes with our heartfelt recommendation.

Just some of the professionals in our network include:

  • Insurance brokers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Tax lawyers
  • Estate planning lawyers
  • Commercial lawyers
  • Mitigation lawyers
  • Financial planners
  • Marketing specialists
  • Website designers
  • Copywriters

Of course, if you already have an existing provider, we’re always happy to work with them.  There’s never any pressure to use our business network.

And remember, we don’t receive any commissions from our alliance network – our recommendations are centred around what we think is best for your situation.

Click here to see our Business Network referral contact list!

Join our Business Network!

We are always looking for vibrant, exciting businesses to become part of our alliance.

Aintree Group’s Business Network includes importers, recruiters, manufacturers, hoteliers, retailers, property developers, marketing experts, entrepreneurs…you name it we have it.

Being part of this network allows you to take part in our workshops, lunches, seminars and networking events. We also offer the real opportunity for all members to develop their businesses by presenting at one of our functions. Members have had great success.

Call us to register your interest and to find out how being part of something special can serve you.