Has COVID-19 devalued your business?

  • Post published:04/09/2020

If you are selling your business, merging, acquiring, or inviting in new investors, you need to understand the value of your business. But, to what degree does the pandemic impact on value? Should you discount or hold firm to pre COVID-19 performance on the basis that ‘we’re going to come out of it eventually’?

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Forecasting During a Pandemic

  • Post published:02/09/2020

Business operators should have a plan in place to manage during uncertain times like these, even if your business is not directly impacted. But how do you plan for uncertainty when every assumption is subject to change?

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Practical Mental Wellness Strategies

  • Post published:25/08/2020

2020 is an incredibly difficult year for us all. We spoke with counsellor and life coach, Will Centurion, to discuss practical strategies you can use to properly self-care and manage mental wellness.

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JobKeeper Extension

  • Post published:29/07/2020

A conditional extension of JobKeeper has been announced today. The JobKeeper payment rate is to be reduced and paid at two rates. Please talk to your tax agent to help you through the compliance elements of this JobKeeper extension!

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New Victorian Support Packages

  • Post published:14/07/2020

There have been several new packages released over the weekend to support Victorian businesses impacted by this second lockdown. Find out about the "Second Wave of Stimulus" here.

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