All about Victoria’s “Third Step” out of lockdown

  • Post published:27/10/2020
All about Victoria’s “Third Step” out of lockdown

All about Victoria’s “Third Step” out of lockdown!

From 11:59pm Tuesday 27 October, Victoria is taking one big step out of lockdown – Metro Melbourne included!

Retail, hospitality and personal services businesses across the state have been eagerly awaiting this news, and the announcement came on Victoria’s first day of 0 new cases since March. 

There are still a lot of restrictions, terms and conditions that Victorians and Melburnians in particular need to be aware of, so make sure you’re on top of what is and isn’t allowed!

Key changes in Metro Melbourne:

  • You can host up to two adults (and their dependants) at your home once per day*. 
  • Melbourne’s cafes, restaurants and pubs can reopen.  Outdoors with a limit of up to 50, indoors up to 20. Density limits, record keeping and COVIDSafe Plans also apply.
  • Remaining retail will also open.
  • Beauty and personal care services can resume. 
  • Outdoor contact sport for those aged 18 and non-contact sport for adults can resume.
  • Up to ten people at outdoor PT, fitness and dance classes.
  • Number of people at outdoor pools can increase to 50, subject to density limits.
  • Libraries and community venues will be able to open for outdoor events. Outdoor entertainment venues can also begin hosting visitors.
  • Faith communities will be able to meet for outdoor religious ceremonies with up to 20 people, in addition to those required for the service. Indoor services can be held with up to 10.
  • Weddings will increase to ten people, and funerals up to 20.
  • Workplaces will no longer need to be on the permitted work list to open. Permitted worker permits will still be required for workers from Melbourne travelling into regional Victoria – and vice versa.

*Home Visits

Home visits are considered one of the more risky activities in terms of spreading COVID-19. Melburnians have a strict limit of who, when and how they can have visitors:

  • Visitors must be within the 25km travel limit.
  • You must make a record of who has visited your house, and when.
  • A maximum of two adults from the same household can visit your home once per day. They can bring any dependants (who cannot be leave by themselves).
  • There is only one visitation “event” allowed per day per household. For example, if you have someone over at your house in the morning, you cannot then go and visit someone else at their home (or have anyone else over to your home) that same day. 
  • Masks are highly recommended to worn at gatherings inside your home.
  • There is no time limit on home visits.

Further details are in the video below, and available here

Click here for the Premier’s Statement from Monday 26 October 2020 announcing lifting Victorian restrictions, including Metro Melbourne .
Click here for full Metropolitan Melbourne roadmap.

Key changes in Regional Victoria:

Regional Victoria was already partly in their “Third Step”, but restrictions will be easing further:

  • Indoor gyms and fitness spaces will be able to open for up to 20 people, with a maximum of ten per space and a density of one person per 8 square metres.
  • Indoor pools will open to 20. Indoor sport will begin for those 18 and under.
  • Food courts can open.
  • Live music can resume as part of outdoor hospitality.
  • School graduations can be held within school communities.
  • 20 people can gather together indoors with their faith leader – or 50 outdoors.
  • Greater Shepparton will also come into alignment with the rest of regional Victoria and then progress under these changes.

Click here for Premier’s Statement from 25 October 2020 regarding lifting Regional restrictions. 
Click here for full Regional Victoria roadmap. 

This is good news for everyone in Victoria, and a credit to our perseverance and resilience in the last few months. Stay safe

Restrictions are subject to change based on case numbers and other factors. Make sure you get updates from trusted sources such as the Victorian Government website

Click here to read our full Coronavirus info page!