Given the current market we want our clients equipped with as much information as possible about the options available. 

At our 2023 Wealth Management Webinar, James Stephen and Shane McKenna will be discussing Aintree Group Wealth’s approach to managing money and finances, and demonstrating how our clients can benefit from our wealth service through our step-by-step process.

This webinar is a great (obligation-free) opportunity for you to find out more about what we do at Aintree Group Wealth, gain a better understanding of our approach to managing wealth, ask questions, and potentially show you some financial planning possibilities you hadn’t considered yet.

This event is now running online-only, to make it more accessible to attendees during the workday. 

Webinar Details:

When: Wednesday 16 August 2023 | 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Speakers: James Stephen, Director – Aintree Group Wealth and Shane McKenna, Managing Director – Aintree Group
RSVP: Register below by Tuesday 15 August. Once registered you will receive a link to access the webinar.

The webinar will run via Microsoft Teams. You do not need to have Microsoft Teams downloaded on your device, you can click “continue on this browser” when prompted. 

Registration for this event has now closed. Please contact Chelsea Scarlett at for more information.

About our speakers:

James Stephen, Aintree Group Wealth Director

James Stephen is a plugged-in, hands-on financial planner, with over 20 years experience working in the financial advice industry. As the Director of Aintree Group Wealth, he oversees the Wealth and Finance business units of Camberwell-based advisory firm, Aintree Group.

James specialises in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners and advising them exactly the way he would want to be advised himself – no products to sell, just focusing on the growth and protection of their business and personal wealth.

He also takes a lot of pride in being able to support hard working people by setting them up for a well-earned retirement, and give them peace of mind by showing them how they can achieve and maintain financial security in their golden years.


Shane McKenna, Aintree Group Managing Director

Shane is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience working as a trusted advisor to business owners and professionals. He and his wife Andrea started Aintree Group in 2005 with a vision to create an accounting and advisory business that could provide genuine long-term support.

He specialises in Tax Planning, Business and Management Consulting, Managerial Finance, Strategic Business Planning, and being there to talk clients through all their big life decisions.

Shane’s knowledge of tax matters is the best in the business. He has a way of seeing opportunities that others can’t, from simple savings through to sophisticated tax planning strategies. He seeks to educate business owners so they can become financially savvy themselves and empower them to achieve security and success in all areas of their lives. Shane is passionate about sharing his expertise to benefit the wider community.